Saturday, August 14, 2010

I took this back last year when Mom and I were in Winchester, this is in the Cathedral there, and when we got back I had it blown up, Mom framed it, and it was one of her favourite things to look at... to feel, calmer maybe?

It was a year ago today Mom was given six months to live... Well she beat that given date, not by much, but she did, she told them they would not be telling her her end date! And they didn't!

It was a year ago I lay up here under this wide and stary sky and wished that my Mom wouldn't suffer. I think my wish came true, to a degree, she, very very luckily was not in bad pain until the last few weeks, it was then I knew it was serious, well I always knew it was serious, but, well you know what I mean. Moms pain threshold was way above the norm, lucky girl!

So when she said she hurt, I knew it had to be very very bad...

We fitted a lot in didn't we, those last six months, lots of places,lots of ticks on Mom's bucket list and a great deal of memories...

I was up on the terrace again last night, still our procession went through town, and so again, much local heavy smokey ground cover, so not sure if it was me in the cloud or the town later on, I could see the sky right up above but not over in the direction the meteor shower should have been coming from... so, gave up... bit cooler last night, probably about only 30 up there last night! And a little brisa.... lovely!

This morning I was up even earlier... it was nearer 6am than 7am! And walking Pip in the pitch dark was a little spooky, specially as we seemed to be being followed by a black cat some of the way....!

Now the painter is here, Pippa is not happy, introduced to him, several times, but there is a constant low growling noise going on, she wont rest, but then, a man on a ladder by the windows? This is the reason we got her, to let us know this is wrong if someone is doing this manoeuvre!

I have already, washed the floors, the terrace, done washing, washed my hair.... and that was by 8am! So now I am very hot and very bothered, and I guess pretty much prisoner here now for the day, he is off at ten for breakfast, but wont be gone long enough for me to get far... so I think it will be just down time for Pip to relax a bit!

Oh and we have no TV, Franco, bless him, switched on the light in the cave, which is tripping the system still, so everything went off, including of course sky, and so is taking longer than it should to come back, not sure why I am bothered Saturdays is rubbish on tv, so I have radio One going on on here behind my blog, while I am typing away!

I could probably just ramble away on here all day, and thereby make this one of the longest blogs recorded in the history of the world... So not one to make records[!]...

I will leave you with another photo I had printed out for Mom while she was going through the chemo, she said as the drug was entering her system she thought of this picture and felt the drug a beam of healing light clearing out the bad and bringing goldenness and health back into her...

Yes definitely going now...

The end quote here today, is from last years entry for this day too...

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.



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