Monday, January 17, 2011

I'v been playing with Its brilliant, I mean look what it did for me... hahahahaha!!! Ok Ok, the photo is getting on a bit now... the photo!!

I should be playing with the scanner really... and down loading somethings I really want to scan!!! Oh heck, just realised Franco has taken his lap top out with him today!! I don't seem able to use the printer on this little baby of mine, now I have an excuse not to scan, when I really thought I might actually get round to doing it!

I hunted down a hot water bottle we bought for Mom some years back, its a microwavable one... Never used it before, and it has a warning on it about 2 years something or other, hope that's two years of using, not two years of buying, anyway its warm, despite the horrible smell!

Bit chilly in the house today, warm outside in the sun... oh just noticed the window is open!! That's not helping much is it!

Yesterday Franco and I went to garden centre, for a coffee, lots of people using the 'new' road, girl in BP garage says it should be opened on the 27th of this month, just the roundabout at La Cala turn off to get ready! She also said, it was to be the 17th, but there are delays... So, of course, not holding breath for 27th either!!!

From there, we popped into friends, then to La Trocha market, very busy, lots more stalls, and up stairs stores all was closed again now, just the restaurants open, of which we took use of, cake and drink for 2€.... Not our usual place, so not the apple strudel I was anticipating, cake was nice on eating, but was reminded of it all afternoon!

Meeting up with friends tomorrow after work, not seen them for.... some time, more than a couple of years I think, can't wait!

Franco said to me yesterday "your looking good, put a bit of weight on??"..... well you can imagine my response! Then I weighed myself and I have put on a couple of pounds! Then Franco brought out a bunch of mini doughnuts! I am receiving crossed messages here!!

Collected my new Padron this morning from the Ayuntamiento, I took in my passport, my residencia certificate etc... Strange how the padron says just what it said from six years ago... So incorecto but well, it will have to do, I suppose, I hope!?!

Just had a call from the medical centre, I have appointments to collect, so I will, collect them tomorrow!

I have to repeat something I said to Franco over the weekend... It may not be funny now of course, it was something we were watching on TV, a man walking on his hands and knees with his two small children on this back... and I said "Awww, that's just what I used to do with Barry and Tony" Franco smiled, then I said "until they were 18 and 20 and got too heavy!!!"...


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