Thursday, January 20, 2011

Above inside the Ayuntamiento here in Alhaurín El Grande... Lots of people come and go from this building without seeing its beautiful interior...

And so to the week so far... Felt like everyday was a day I had to do something! Monday, above, to pick up my new[old copy of] my padron, Tuesday to medical centre first to pick up my hospital appointment date, then to work, after quick networkings session, of course! After work met up with friends who now live down at Estapona! So great to see them! A bit chillier up here compared to the coast, and Tuesday was a bit nippy! The cloud stayed over the Sierra de Mijas and the town felt damp and breezy all day because of it, no sun, at all!

Wednesday, a walk to Blas Infante to pay the car rental... So all the way up to the top of the town, before walking all the back into it! Long morning outside Bar Cruz, moved tables three times! Don't ask!! Finally got to see mate in shop and then to Mercadona where I proceeded to busy too much and was a difficult talk back home, made worse by a whole load of kids, taller than me without a single one moving aside for poor old me trying to get up the hill, so I got pushed and bumped into by all of them!Ok so only by some but it felt like it! And there were hundreds of them.... Well maybe 4 or 5 classrooms at least! The teachers were the last and were so busy talking to each other I don't think any of them would have known what was going on up ahead, or even care! So I was in a wonderful mood by the time I got home, as you can imagine! Today the weather had been better, the sun at least made it out, over the mountain!

Then this morning I had a plan which went ahead to the point of actually going into the office in Coín I wanted to go in! Friend and I got the bus, all went well with that, then to the office, but too busy, too much going on, and I... well I suppose I bottled it! But then, I don't think it would have done me any good anyway...

So it was a hot chocolate, wander round the shops and back to Alhaurín!

And home! Oh no, not home! I had promised to pop in to see a friend, which I did, had to climb another hill to get there, so was not feeling great when I got there, and started to feel worse over the next hour, so didn't stay as long as I had wanted to, I think too much this week, too much up hill struggle...

Feel like a good verse here, let me go have a look... A bit of a saucy poem today... I have chocolate on my mind, and none in the house! I wonder how many of you will rush to that bar of chocolate you have over there!!!

Chocolate Pleasure

I love the pleasure of chocolate
As it melts upon my tongue
It dribbles all through my mouth
And squishes around my gums

I close my eyes for a moment
As my senses are quite aware
Of the delicious wondrous flavour
Of chocolate lingering there

There are so many chocolate flavours
The dark and the medium too
White chocolate is truly scrumptious
Just perfect, my friend, for you

So whenever you need something sweet
You must try this simple treasure
Just pop a morsel into your mouth
And enjoy some chocolate pleasure!

Marilyn Lott

And with that I will leave you amigos...

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