Saturday, January 08, 2011

Some wonderful shots I took early this morning from our terrace, above the view over towards Villafranco and Cartama! I think the Poligino Rosa is over there somewhere! [the industrial estate!]
And here, above, the view over towards Las Delisias... shrouded in mist....

This one is good, that is Sierra Gorda! Looks like a big animal laying down for a nap! With all the valley a sea of mist!

Before I forget... because I nearly did and reached the bottom of this and have had to come back up... Yesterday a friend and I went down to the coast, I had to beg and plead, and with offers of coffee and lunch and money! He didn't take the money by the way! I needed to get a some paint for another friend, and could only get it from somewhere down at Las Lagunas, turns out I could probably have got it from one of their other branches... No matter, done now, and we popped into Iceland while we were there for him... I topped up my supply of Shredded Wheat! Would say I am now well ahead, but with only 30 in each box, that's only 15 days, so I am ok for the next 6 weeks! Oh and a packet of Jelly Babies!

It was pouring yesterday when we left, had been a few spits and spots but then the heavens opened and down it came!!

I wouldn't normally photograph my food before I cook it! That sounds like I do afterwards? Well I have occasionally haven't I!

Tonight on the menu is a strange combo... I wanted to make a Moroccan dish, a lamb tagine, but instead its going to be a pork something or other! I left the *boardroom* and went to Mercadona, stupidly expecting to find all the spices I needed in there! Not sure about the others in town, but Mercadona only sells herbs and spices more or less for Spanish meals... I know lots of others sell them for all the dishes of the world...Anyway, my problem I guess! So I got confused and got the wrong meat, thinking that I wouldn't make what I wanted to! Then found most of the other things and decided to go to the English food shop to see what they had... And with heavy bag in hand I did, and found one spice I could use!

And about an hour ago I set the meal in motion, adding and changing spices which were already in my cupboard! It smells nice.... And I think will be enough for two days! That's if the neighbours don't come a knocking!

I have found the good luck King in the Kings cake! Surprise surprise! Its the first one I have had though, Franco usually gets to be lucky all year!

And talking of luck, remember we... our little syndicate... won on the Euromillions last week? We won again! Still not enough to go wild on... But we're all paid up for the next few weeks!

Then I went back in and handed over my El Niño ticket.... and got the 20€ ticket price back!

Talking of our regular meeting place, we are now getting smoked out! The rules about not smoking in the bars here came in on the 2nd, and now all the smokers are coming out of the bar to smoke, then back in again! Then some of them are just sitting outside... period! We are now inhaling more smoke than before the ban!!!

Pippa this morning, my little baby, with the not very baby ears!

After town, with the weather being so lovely I got some washing out on the line... Must go up and bring it in soon, before the damp gets in... Getting hungry now with the lovely smell coming out of the stove... Pippa is waiting expectantly, I don't she should have any of it!

Ok amigos, adio.. Just checked my dinner and its cooked already! Quickly getting some rice done and I will we well away!

Its never too late to be what you might have been.-George Eliot


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