Friday, January 28, 2011

Saturday January 29th

Here I am above ~ Mom and I were in Padua, Italy, what a wonderful place, the statues behind Mom were amazing, bigger than real life, as you can see from the one I am standing to the side of! So slightly surreal... After all the beautiful Palaces and Churches we went to here we always remembered an awful toilet in a restaurant! I wouldn't even let Mom use it! I was looking for my favourite photo taken here, I am sitting in an inner court yard of a small monetary, it was so tranquil... beautiful...

Such a beautiful day here today too! Wall to wall sunshine! We moved from our usual Boardroom table to push two together, too many of us to fit around the one, and the amount of chairs we were using causing problems for those smokers hanging about near the doorway!

I think I may have been the only person with a para agua in town also, so looked a bit of a wally with it! It wasn't small enough to get in my hand bag, being the extra strong anti inside-out type of thing! Which I then had to negotiate around Mercadona, fun! At the check out didn't know what to drop first, brolly, scalf or gloves.... I picked a glove, then had to pick it up myself... being superstitious that wasn't good news for me!

The washing I hung out up on the terrace night before last I have moved onto the regular line, so should get the sun soon to finish it off, surprised how dry it was, considering how much rain has fallen!

Pip was surprised too this morning, when I opened the back door to check for rain, and there was none! She turned to me and said, at last a walk this morning!!! Well I think that's what she may have been thinking! When we were out we came across a guy who is in town most days, he makes a strange noise while he walks the streets, almost shouting, kissing the doors, windows etc, poor bloke, I am sure he is completely nothing to be worried about, but so early and dark, he can be a little un nerving... sorry to say... We have seen him twice this week, you can here his approach, although trying to decide from which direction is a bit of problem so early, sound travels strangely here!

Just went up on the terrace to see what was annoying Pippa, and therefore me, and the amount of snow up on the Sierra de las nieves[snowy mountain].... Is amazing! So I came down stairs to get my camera, back up, again, turned it on, and it went off, batteries expired! Back down I came, put in two more rechargeable batteries, back up stairs.... switched it on! Same thing, batteries expired! So I have come down, put them on charge, and me too! If the snow is still there tomorrow I will take a photo!

That's it for today, keeping busy!

''You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.'' Khalil Gibran.

The Above quote I am purloined from Positive Thoughts, thank you!



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