Thursday, January 06, 2011

Above is the wonderful cake the neighbour brought yesterday for us... The Kings cake, cream in one half and turron in the other... as I say won-der-full... These are only for Three Kings day, and all come with a crown, and somewhere inside, careful of the teeth, is a small lucky charm, and he who gets the charm get year round luck!

We bought four of these [check spelling] Poinsettia plants, from Ikea, actually, only 1.99€ each! And this morning, when I took the photo last week, was a pretty covering of dew....

You must totally ignore the last paragraph of yesterdays Blog, as I am about to talk about my Mom, or at least to say, a year ago today I was spending 14 hours at Malaga airport, as one of the Luton 7, as we became known! Well just amongst ourselves that is! And it was at 5am tomorrow morning that I at last arrived at Tonys in the snow!

Anyway, another lovely day today, very very quiet in town after last nights festivities, there were still lots of sweets and wrappers and colored paper all over the streets, on the way into town all the shops were closed, but on the way home all the bizarre's were open, and a few others!

ok amigos... time for cake!


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