Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well better get Blogging hadn't I!

I really don't know where the days are going, be Mom's birthday soon, 24th, and then it will be gone....

The weather has been lovely today, think we had some rain the other day? But when the sun is shining its warm on your back if your out... Pippa was MIA this afternoon, so I went up onto the terrace to find her, she was sunbathing! So I joined her, pulled up a chair and took off my hoodie! Sitting in the sun, eyes closed, beautiful, I thought I better check the temperature, to tell you! It was 18ºC in the shade, and 36ºC in the sun! WOW!

Coming back in half hour later.... freezing in doors... Look! I can see my breath!

Trying to remember back as far as Sunday! We had some power cuts in the afternoon, no rain, just power cuts, 2nd ones, then an hour.... at that point skytv went off for us, and didn't come back, the signal gone, un locked, nada de nada! I tried a few times on Monday to get it back, standing on a chair on the terrace wriggling the dish, but to no avail! I think it must have been Tuesday I got the sat. man out to fix it, but its pretty poor again now, the signal going, and switching between locked and un locked.... Just hope it hangs on in there... Maybe its a bit windy, but can't hear it if it is! We don't really watch that many DVD's and having to watch them again isn't high on my list of priorities!

Mercadona man delivered Tuesday afternoon, but I had missed some very important things of my list... I thought it was them, but checking back... no, I must have deleted some of the things in error! Then it was the sat. man...

Yesterday, a friend came a visiting from down the road and round the corner! We did some baking, and lots of talking, it was really nice...

Monday I had the doctors, to find out the results from the blood tests from a couple of weeks ago... I am, un usually for me, going to cut a long story short! I have a joint disease, will be going to the hospital for further tests etc, to determine what disease it is exactly.

And another doctor, same hospital, to have my irregular heart beat checked out, more to put my mind at rest, that it is nothing more than that hopefully.

My bad cholesterol is just a little higher than it should be, but so is my good cholesterol???

When I asked about exercise the doctor said only walking and swimming, nothing else at all, and to walk on the flat!!! Er hey... you know we live in a mountainside village right doc?? Oh and I cant swim.... Well I already walk Pippa and walk into town and back every day, so I guess that's it!

Think that was the results, more or less.

And there it is! Look forward to many Blogs based around trips to Malaga hospital mis amigos!

Quick change of subject, I have been trying a different food to cook for dinner! Moroccan! Remember from Saturday? Well I guess so, it was my last Blog! I made it again with beef, and much nicer it was too, some of the spices stain the spoon, plate and kitchen somewhat! So goodness knows what my insides are like!!

Yesterday I went up early to the Ayuntamiento[town hall], I need a copy of my padron, think its going to be a new copy altogether, anyway, I can collect it on looney lunes!

Work on Tuesday was good, lots of laughter as usual, and some customers too! Good day for the shop considering the town seemed so quiet, we had two coffee's, the only coffee I now drink all week, maybe one other; and we had free pastries on both occasions! Can't be bad!


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