Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I don't know what's worse in this photo! Our silly grins or my hair! Luckily we were in Italy and everyone had my hair... maybe just not this much though!

Was a difficult day yesterday, last of the anniversaries until the big one on march 4th... I am trying not to think about it, but not doing a very good job, this time last year was so tough, and can't help reliving it every day...

I read this the other week, did I post this? I can't remember! I really think I did! Its about the five stages of grief in death.... (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I don't think
I have got past denial yet, so much so, when I reading about the above, I even thought, I'll give
Mom a call and ask her! ha ha ha... So this might sound more like depression? I can't remember anger, so did I skip that? or could that be the shouting where are you Mom? in my head, or even outloud over the last 10 months!

Bargaining? Not sure what that means, bargaining with whom? I just want my Mom back and that's the beginning and the end of it...

Ok lets move on, because thinking back isn't doing me any good, and you all are falling asleep! Today, work, shop, two woman were in, picking up this 'n that, over to the counter were I awaited to serve... one woman thumped a shirt down on the counter, the price had been removed [there's something new... not!], and a small bag, leather, it said on the price tag 2€, its still the sale was I said the price of both before, and now, half price in the sale! She said she only wanted to pay 50c for the bag.. I said, sorry no, its a euro, half price, she went on and on and on some more... She said she wouldn't have that bag then and came behind the counter to the rack there and took another bag hanging there waiting to go out... She said how much, same, 1€, the strap was short, for a child I think anyway, but she started to try to lenghten the strap, couldn't and half threw half passed to me, scratching me in the process! for me to do it! I just put it on the counter, so she huffed and threw it at her friend to open instead! Poor friend! She wanted it cheaper and we pointed to the posters etc on our notice board behind the counter, *money for hospice... care for the dying... support for those and they're families* I pointed and said sorry, but we cannot make things any cheaper... she said put it under the counter she would be back... Oh I almost forgot, during our er... can I say conversation? felt more like a fight! anyway during 'it' another customer asked me something, I responded in Spanish, and she was incredibly rude to me about having done so!!! spoken in Spanish that is!

Later on we had another couple of customers in also wanting everything cheaper, so we explained to them also where the money goes, not into anyone's pockets, for hospice care... he was a little better, and polite throughout, and we were graciously given the amount we asked for, and he got a very good deal on those items!

When we popped out for coffees we passed the two woman, I said hello, to be polite, she was, I thought coming back to buy those two things, not glared at me, then spoke to her friend, obviously about me, then they proceeded to jump into a new Mercedes Benz CLK convertible!! Therefore as you can guess, not coming back in to collect the things!

Thankfully many many other people care and care enough to bring things in for us to sell, they wouldn't want us to give things away! They could be doing that.... Arh, it makes my blood boil... obviously why the pressure is high... well not anymore on these meds eh!

Yesterday to the bar Cruz, por supuesta... then a friend and I went down to the coast, first to the Euromarket, I made a few purchases of things I didn't even know I needed! Then to Worten's [electrical store], I needed printer ink, then a trip to Aki, where they tried to get an extra 5€ from me on a sale product, well I guess they had to try...

Rain has been forecast for all week, yesterday down at Fuengirola it was fine, very windy, but no rain and quite bright! Wish I could say that about here, today...

TTFN amigos,

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