Friday, April 01, 2011

Thought it had been over a week since I posted last, but only a few days!?! Strange?! And above a shot in Torremolinos I took today, of all the scenes I took a photo of a tree you ask!

Well it was just sitting there by the restaurant while we had coffee, and its such a strange tree... Looked dead, but isn't, its normal state for this time of the year... Its an African tree, all I know which does have beautiful flowers on it later in the year... but look below at the zoomed in shot... those spikes down the trunk! Would be bad enough shimmying up it, but coming back down! ouch! Spike city!

Yes Torremolinos today! Was La Cala on Wednesday! What a giddy thing I am! Had a lovely day there today, plenty of room to park, drove right up to the Picasa roundabout, parked and walked back to roundabout.... to take photos, we spent a little while by the shops, then had our coffee's and croissant! Which is when I took the tree photos! We walked back to the car, then drove back down the beach road, parked and went into a Chiringuito on the beach... We had about 5 different plates, and just shared them, great thing to do, that way we could have lots of things, I suppose we were making out own tapas of sorts!

We went into the Malaga Carrefour supermarket.... Its so huge that place! Another coffee, then home!

Two friends of mine both had family out this week, and was lovely to be able to join them on a couple of excursions to the coast... Wednesday went to La Cala, good look around the market, was quite busy, lots of tourists which is good to see.... Then back into the town for a bite to eat and a coffee or three! Decaf para mi por supuesta!

We then walked along the beach quite a way to burn up the food! They were digging up the exit from the river to get it to go straight into the sea rather than amble round the beach... We walked back along the road, back to the car, and stopped over at the garden centre on the way back to Alhaurín....

And yesterday I went to a friends house for lunch, relaxing in the garden and chilling out, in the hot sun! Came home, went up onto the terrace, propped the temperature gauge up in full view of the sun.... It fell off later, but not before it read 44ºC.... I hadn't actually noticed that it had broken and picked it up right where what was left of the glass was... then that was in my thumb! Great!

Actually, it was Wednesday the gauge broke! Not yesterday! Good memory!

Well the winnings tonight on the Euromillions will be less, but no matter, it is going to be enough!! Plans are afoot for spending!

Listening to Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook.... I'm hooked....

...and here I leave you amigos...


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