Sunday, April 17, 2011

Be Love.
Nothing more,
nothing less ...
For Love is All that IS.

Every person, and every thing, around you
is an energetic reflection of some aspect of
your inner state of being.

Choose to BE Love and watch the world
transform, amaze, delight and inspire!


The Heart accepts without limitations,
it is open to all things,
the small and the great,
the king and the beggar,
the bad and the good,
the precious pearl
and the insignificant pebble on the beach,
the tiny acorn and great oak tree,
the dancer and the dance,
the visible and the invisible,
the lover and The Beloved.

The Heart does not differentiate,
it does not take sides,
t does not see opposites,
it sees no separation,
it is One with all things,
it embraces all things as One,
there are not many hearts,
there is only One Heart
and that One Heart is the heart
that dwells within your own breast.

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