Monday, April 18, 2011

Rain today... Perfect! Maria is over for her hols, and look what happens! Poor girl, it always rains when she is over!!! Although all things considered, it does often rain in April, and more so for Samana Santa... [Easter week].. its just the norm, and as I have said before, its mucked up more than a few of the parades here in Alhaurín, the final day, the Crucifixion itself I think has gone without being held at all, and this is best day of the Semana Santa week, as I know I have said before, I wish I could work out how to get my Web Cam so that it could be openly live for that evening alone.... There must be a way, because I see lots of live feeds, just don't know how to do it!!!!

I have just tried a live broadcast through Twitter and posted also to fb, if it works ok, and if its not raining Friday evening I will broadcast the Samana Santa procession as it passes beneath the house on that evening.... all evening!

Should be fun, I felt a bit embarrassed trying it out, I know you may not be my friends on fb, so if you want to check out the broadcast I guess you can on my Twitter as you see down there on the right, on my Twitter feed I am @Manisavane, so follow me to see it! If you want to see it that is! This will be the sixth year, and still it is amazing.... if your not religious? Its still amazing....

Other things... I have another hospital appointment tomorrow, or two! A heart monitor to wear for 24hrs, and a hip Xray later on in the day, with a visit to a vampire in between... oh sorry, not a vampire just a blood test person! And to make an appointment for another EKG... Somehow I have to have that fitted in between now and May 3rd for the results, hope I haven't left it too late, but the person who got the other appointments was told I would get a phone call for that one, and I haven't yet!!

And that reminds me, I will have a Greek yoghurt now, last thing I can eat until after the blood test, I will be hungry by then! And very weak, hope I don't get another headache, had a bad one all day yesterday, ended up taking a migraine med and going to bed early... It worked, gone this morning! Going so long without food won't help though that's forsure!
Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

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