Thursday, April 21, 2011

Above and beneath two shots taken in Malaga last week... What a beautiful day, the day, and the weather! Unlike today! What a mix of sun and rain and storms!!

A couple of hours ago the storm came over, from Alorá direction, thank you! The lightening and thunder! It was right overhead and when the electric went out there was a flash of electric from the box on the wall!

Went up onto the terrace to get closer!!! Risked taking the para agua! It was amazing from up there, under cover of the tin roof!!!! You couldn't see the town at all, or any of the Guadalhorce valley! It was just cloud! And above fork lightening and then the crack overhead!! I am fine with thunderstorms if I am outside, but strangely inside and I get scared??? Weird? Yes weird!

Oh the photo above? Torremolinos, sat down catching my breath, and trying to calm my beating heart! Look at that window - No room beyond, but the patio doors ajar.... LOL...

Now Tuesday... Hospital! We got there early, 20 minutes, and went straight up stairs to the heart department! Where I only had a five minute wait for the halter heart monitor to be put on... Then we went down to the Xray department, I was supposed to have my hip Xray at 12:15, one of the nurses said that was ok and to wait, so I did! Terri left me there to get another appointment for me... and I went in in about 5 minutes! And found Terri about to get my other appointment settled, wrong place, so we went in search of the right place, oh and earlier we had got my blood test number from the machine, was about 80 people ahead of me, so we knew we had plenty of time.... I have to have another EKG and they are still doing them from 2010, so not sure I will get one before May 3rd!!! [Small miracle required please! Thank you!] Then back to the blood place[!] and we sat outside the area, but where we could still hear and see the numbers slowly clicking by, about 45 minutes I think.... And then in I went, and it was great, well maybe not great, but fine, no bruising, no pain and you can't even see I have had a test done now! Unlike the last one, with the bruising running up my arm which took two weeks to clear!

And so we were out, almost before my last appointment should have been!

Yesterday, had to take the halter monitor back! It had to be back by 9:30am for someone else to use, so we left town about 8:30 and we were back and onto our next errand by 10am here in Alhaurín! We parked at the hospital easily enough, and I remembered the way to the department, a long walk, up stairs and along corridors... I had of course, only been there the day before, but only the once... I found it fine! Brilliant!

And we were in and out in 5 minutes... Took longer for the doctor to get off the phone and tell me to take it off in an office nearby! I opened the door and a bloke was standing there! The day before when I was having it put on a bloke came into the room! Charming!!

Anyway, by 11am, we were at the garden centre having a coffee!! Good days work!

This morning was in the bar to begin, rain threatening, then outside when the chairs came out, and we moved when I started to get rained on, although it may have been an apartment overhead because, we moved under cover just when the sun came out!!!

The band is now playing, the rain cleared for now...
Being completely honest with oneself can be difficult at times. That happens when there is fear of looking at what our true desires are. The Angels remind us that change is okay and we are completely safe at all times. They are with you when you go through changes and support your choices.
TTFN amigos

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