Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For those of you who read my fb and Twitter this photo will be a bit old hat by now! Sorry!

We have so many beautiful feria dresses for sale in Cudeca I just had to try one on! My favourite was sold last week, may have mentioned that? A lady wanted to hang it on her wall, didn't fit her, she just wanted it! But these dresses need to be worn don't you think? Wants the point of having a dress like this if you don't wear it, and show it off!

It fitted... and breathing would become a problem if you did too much of it, in it! No, it was ok, just actually, although I think eating wouldn't have happened... before putting it on, and its not lightweight either... but still, even after all that, it felt wonderful wear, I loved it!

Back on the rack now though by the way folks!

Something funny happened last week, couldn't tell at the time, or the surprise would have been out of the bag!

A friend and I bought a lovely sponge cake... cream and jam filling, for another friends birthday... The first friend had taken the cake and put it in his freezer, last week, two days before said birthday, he says "Mmmm wonderful sponge cake I had the other day, took it out of the freezer, let it defrost, I ate half in one sitting!!" me on the other side of the table, was flabbergasted! I thought, he's eaten the birthday cake, I couldn't really say much, or I would have given the surprise away! Although his son sitting next too him could see I was off about something to do with the cake! We had to buy another Saturday! This one I brought home, to my freezer.... just in case!

The birthday was actually a few days before... but no cake!!!!

Then yesterday, I was rushing about trying to get down to the boardroom but the universe was throwing one obstacle at me after another... and I was worried that I would be there after, the friend whose birthday the cake was for, got there before me! Was ok though, and I went into the bar and asked if we could eat it there primarily, then asked to leave it in there first! Yes and yes!

Then.... phew, clock building here, sorry! There was a temporary boardroom visitor, smoking us out! So when our friend arrived, we moved to another bar! I had to collect the cake, and ask again about eating it somewhere else!

What a palaver! The cake was very much appreciated by the way, only, shame was the coffee was rubbish where we went!

After work today went to meet up with a friend who is visiting for her holidays, her grand daughter who I have known for... must be nearly six years, came to meet me from work, couldn't believe how much she has grown, a real young lady, and as tall as me now! Ok ok, so I'm not that tall, but you know what I mean... So it was up to the bar, and a coffee, and now they're off, and back home tonight!

No más para hoy... hasta luego amigos...

From The Secret Daily Teachings
The things that come most quickly into your life are the things that you BELIEVE in the most. You can only bring to you what you BELIEVE, so you must BELIEVE to receive what you want.
May the joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
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