Friday, April 22, 2011

Today this beautiful piece, taken from BloomingHumans... as before....


There is a hunger, a longing, deep within your heart
And it has been there from the moment you were born
It is not this foolish longing for romance or money
It is not this hunger for success and recognition
It is not even a desire to be surrounded by beauty

The hunger that presses upon you so acutely
is simply the longing for you to reach again
the state of complete oneness,
to access your own soul, right here within you

For it has not left you, of course
It has not ventured away and gotten lost
in the forest of your life

It has merely been a bit covered over,
like an old garden wall that gets covered
in moss and brambles over time

But yet, this wall of a body still holds within it
the glorious garden of the soul

It still harbors that great and glorious blossoming
that is you

You, who are individual and unique and,
at the very same time, one with all that is.

You, who are this glorious body
vitally alive in this lifetime,
and at the very same time,
this soul that is ethereal and immortal, ever present

And so the longing then is for union
Union of all the different parts that are you
The part of you that is this body
and the part of you that is this soul

The part of you that is unique and the part of you
that is exactly one with all else that is
The part of you that is God

First, go within and find the union
Find the peace that is you
Find yourself deeply within
and deeply one with all that is

Then come back out and live
Live with vibrancy
Live with zest

Allow yourself to feel and enjoy everything
that this glorious life holds

Allow yourself to fall in love with every moment of it
Infuse this fabulous adventure of a life
with your own golden glow of being

You are, right now, what you need to be
You are, right now, the perfect expression
of all that needs expressing

From this place, right here, right now,
go deep inside and find yourself,
this self you will bring forth to shine out
Nothing else is needed

Here is a prayer for your today~
I am all that I need to be
I am enough, for peace, for joy, for love,
for happiness unbounded

It is all within me

And I, just as I am, deserve all of this bounty
I am the wonderful, glowing expression of life and spirit
I am the balance where it all meets
I am the gladness and the joy of all creation
made manifest

I am the flowering and the opening


~ Carrie Hart~

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