Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wonderful day today, went to the Picasso Museum in Malaga.. Never been before, never been passed it nor down the streets around it! Been to the Alcazaba, seen the newly unearthed [er, well 1951!!!!] Roman Amphitheatre in front of the walls of the above... And then just five minutes from there is the Picasso Museum! Wish I had known it was there before... or maybe not..... Back briefly to the amphitheatre... One visit to Malaga, I think with Mom, maybe 10 years ago, we saw the theatre being unearthed, so it was a long journey from 1951 to then! I assure you!! And then the condition of the site now, as in, all there, all uncovered now!

They have a temporary display of another artists work... [in the museum] I won't name names... but honestly? I have seen better, sorry, and all that but I really have.... I shall say no more than that, and as 'they' say everyone to their own!

Wonderful weather too, parked in a car park I didn't know, much more convenient for that part of the old town, must remember for when visitors are over... And only a short walk to our destination...

Lots of tourists, mostly Italian! Lovely to hear their language, I was trying to understand them, but that was pretty much a no go! I was remembering the Linguaphone course I sent off for, well my Mom did, I was only 11! And it was just before we went off to Italy for the Grand Tour! I learnt how to introduce my family... on the record... in Italian, German and French!!!!

Had coffee and coisant almost as soon as we got there, then had another cafe in another place! Then after the Museo Picasso we had a cool beer in a big square near the amti theatre... That went down very well! We were played to first by a guy with an accordion, then another, on something else, [can't remember what its called, memory of a fish!]

There was a guitarist playing on the street of the Picasso museum, he looked like he was from another era, sitting there playing away, nice music too, and on our return, sitting opposite in a door way, listening to his music, a couple of girls... trying to look cool, shame about the cigarettes in their hands!

The more we give, the more we are open to receive.
If our minds, hearts and hands are full of the past,
it is difficult to fully receive the gift of the present.
c/o Blooming Humans


photo at the top... a lonesome poppy hanging on, on our wall...

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