Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday! The day before Barry arrives!! Yeah... The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and out in the campo this morning everyone said it was 0 or -1 in places!!!

Much warmer here in town thank goodness! Still cool in the house though, will get the heating on and it will be fine!  Next doors chimney fire smelt lovely yesterday.... oh the neighbours?  They sold their house and moved out, I think of Wednesday, and the new people are in!  Not sure where I was, but it all happened without me a twitching at the curtains [if we had any!]  So my neighbours have gone... and changed!

Got the spare room ready, I think Pip thought she was having her own room for a minute there!

Not sure exactly where yet I am meeting Baz, he is renting a car, and I am driving it!  Brilliant!

I sorted out all the paperwork last evening, not too bad a job, I have been keeping it under some semblance of control over the past couple of years.  The folder with all the phone bills in seems to be missing? I am guessing its gone!  Still I have a couple still here in case I need any information from my account, to cancel it!

I have two separate lots of paper work now!  One to leave here, one to take!  And this morning I went to a local council office to sort out a couple of bills that really should be paid directly from the bank, but we had never bothered!  Now its done, it was a painless experience and I was out of the office in about five minutes!

Yesterday had lots of post, a lady from a few doors down came and knocked with some mail, a few Christmas cards, and an eviso [post office notice] that wasn't for me, then she took another letter from her coat, I looked at it and said, tha'ts our electricity bill!  She said, no! it was her nieces husbands bill!  I said NO, its this house, look at the number!!!  She persisted in her reasoning, and thank goodness a guy came to help out, who spoke perfect English, phew.. and he told me what I already knew, that the name on the bill was her nieces husbands!!!! And then he learnt that whoever's name it was, it was still my bill!!!  And it was decided between the three of us after some time, that I would take the bill, and if it wasn't for me [it was] then I would take it up the road to her nieces house!!!  I didn't of course, and looking through my electric bills I see that I have only received four bills this year, needless to say, I now know where the other bills went to!!!

And while I had that folder in my hands, came another knock at the door, and lo and behold, another neighbour.... this time with another four more Christmas cards for our house!  Some had our new number on, some the old, either way, his house is half way down the street, but apparently the post man thought it was for 'Maria'.... NO!!!

I just checked our own mail box, and more cards in there.... Thank you, thank you everyone... oh and six or seven other letters for assorted addresses up our street!!

I Twitterred yesterday, we should be paid by the post office this week, as they might as well of just dumped the post in the middle of the road and we could, and did, sort it ourselves!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Marian
hope you have a lovely Christmas with your son.I bet it seems strange that it will be the last one in Spain.Is Franco there or is he in Wales.I will miss your blogs from there.I will have to get used to learning about Wales!Have you heard anything about Ted, I still cant contact him I think I'll give up now.I keep meaning to ask you if Tony and Kate have still got their dog as they never mention it now.Just waiting for my 2 grandchildren to arrive as I am having them for a couple of days,probably need a holiday when they go!Anyway best wishes for Christmas and I hope you can sell the house before you go.

Love Chrissie

Marian said...

Chrissie - Good to hear from you, Happy Holidays!! Sorry no news of Ted, my friends have been away for ages now who live near him. Franco can't make it over, but I will be there soon, 50 days, countdown at bottom of Blog! & no, no puppy, it went back to its Mom.. they're both at work all day,just didn't work out. Have a good time with your grandchildren, wish I had one, one day eh! Have a good Christmas, take care and speak to you soon, love marian xxxxx