Monday, December 26, 2011

Just a few photos today, to the left a duck at the pond in the gardens in Mijas Pueblo.  What a beautiful day here on Christmas Eve.... wonderful!

These gardens haven't really changed for the past 22 years I have been
coming to them.... Some new plants, new plaques... paint and cement,
but no great changes at all, although the view below to the coast has changed, new roads, houses, both finished and skeleton fashion! Council
stopped them halfway through I guess.  The toll road winding its way across!

Caught Barry on the beach here at the lakes! He rarely looks at my Blog so I think I am safe putting this here????  Franco and I were here a couple of months ago, and the water was extremely high, the highest its been for years, I was surprised to find the level so far back already, we have hardly had any rain?  And this whole inland beach area was under 12 foot of water, the steps leading down were all under water as where most of the eucalyptus trees near the road.

Tomorrow I will put up the pic of the ruler which last time was nearly completely submersed.  As you can see here to the left though, the area by the water outlet is well low!

This was yesterday, Christmas Day!  Another beautiful day, we noticed on our way past Bar Cruz was open! So, thank goodness was the Kiosk restaurant and bar here at the lakes!  Although we did sit inside!

These ducks were doing fine, then just as took the photo one went off!  Typical!  After the lake Barry and I went up the Bobastro road, passed a whole load of sheep, then two dogs came down the road, Mastiffs, huge things, awful!  They barked and started to chase our car! which is smaller than them!  We lost them, passed the reservoir near the top and parked by in the car park area... where we got out, walked down to my birthday place from last year... took a few photos, of course!

We continued up the last bit of the road, rocky road! parked and jumped out of the car, exactly as a huge magnificent eagle was low overhead, so low I saw his eyes, what a wonderful Christmas Day moment, especially for us it felt, my camera? well the batteries expired of course, so changed them quickly, but he never came down as low again, the moment will be forever in my minds-eye though, better than a photo for me!  Him and a couple of young came past a few times, and I did get a lot of photos of a big beautiful blue sky!!

We went back down, me worriedly in case the dogs were still about, they were gone, and we passed another flock of sheep near the river by the dam, the road is almost ok to drive along now, almost in the loosest sense of the word!  We went to the bar by the railway, but only turned, and came back home....

Then I started cooking!  Too much turkey, too many vegetables, enough for about 4 or 5 people more!  I did manage some Christmas pud with the obvious brandy butter and cream.  Well you have to don't you?

Hope everyone had a good Christmas... here's to the new year folks... 2012, and all it brings, lets expect the best, plan for the best, and get the best!

TTFN amigos

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