Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Feliz Navidad!

Happy Christmas everyone!  Can't believe another year nearly passed.  This time last year was bad for me, bad sad Christmas, everything upset me about the whole thing of it!

This year I do feel better, but have been in search of Christmas spirit... not the alcoholic sort, but that nice warm cosy tingley feeling in your heart and tummy over Christmas.  Its been fantastic having Barry here, and we have been out and about everywhere, well, lots of places anyway... today we went to El Corte Ingles in Las Lagunas, lots of Christmas decor going on in there these days, tonnes of it, and lots of empty shelves which is good as it seems so quite I thought no one was having Christmas this year at all!

We walked about the aisles, I stopped and admired the Father Christmas's, the snowmen, the reindeer,  loved all the many snow globes and musical toys and miniature houses lit with colored lights and moving miniature people.  I searched up and down looking for that Christmas sparkle and tingle, that feeling of excitement.... it wasn't there, in El Corte Ingles, I suppose I know where it should be, and that's inside me already, I think its still hiding, and that next year, with these good memories of this Christmas, I may find it yet...

We had a good day today, Christmas Eve, started off in town, Bar Cruz, then down to the coast, via La Cala, the market was on but didn't stop there, we went to Calahonda, I needed phone top-up, and some meds! Then to check on Maria's apartment, all good there.

From there we went to El Corte, they didn't have the magnificent decorations they usually have on the balconies inside, normally great swags of wonderful decs, cut backs I am guessing. But was greatly missed in its absence!

We had a good wander about, beautiful clothes, handbags.... stationery! Well? So some of us just love stationery!

We had had fun in the car park when we arrived and had to go down to level 3, which is unusual, more so as I had been complaining of no cars, as in, no tourists or anything happening during Christmas, was too quiet, but they were all there in the car park of El Corte!  And coming out I came out the wrong exit and when eventually got to where I wanted to be, the, or rather a market was in the street, I think its where they have moved it from next to Aldi, so had to do a turn around along with all the other drivers and go a different way out, we went up the country road to Mijas pueblo, parked very easily!  We went for tapas in a new bar in the village, and very nice it was too!  I had the most beautiful piece of steak, wonderful tapa size of course, and cajan chicken wings and the best of a wonderful little package of pear, goats cheese in a filo pastry parcel placed on I think, plum sauce.... Mmmmm, could still be sitting there eating those! Also would have been nicer with a glass of wine, but I was driving!

Yesterday Barry and I went to town also, Bar Cruz, seems strange going later, only an hour or so, but no one there I know at all!  Like being in another town altogether!  We then went to Mijas pueblo, so today was second day in a row, but yesterday we had a walk around the gardens, and I had a plate of whitebait, enough for about 3 people!  but beautiful and tasty, we sat by the small church by the museum, and watched the world go by!

From Mijas we went down to Miramar, second day in a row.... Baz was going to have a subway meal, we were eating out of sync... again!  We lined up, but only one girl serving unlike the UK, and Baz got bored of waiting... so we left!  We got some shopping from the supermarket there and came home...

Thursday.... we went to Miramar!  Had a look around the stores, I got a small present for the little boy next door, last year it was big, this year, not so!  He was till happy when I gave it to him yesterday though... felt bad.. feel bad not giving Christmas cards, real bad, never not given cards before and goes against everything... but next year, I promise! We will make it up!

This year thank goodness Barry has been lucky with the weather, two years ago it rained the whole week!  So far its been hot hot hot, well about 18 to 21 degrees, so not bad at all, I put washing out earlier and just brought it in bone dry.... tomorrow we will go to the lakes in the morning, be a bit different for Christmas Day wont it!

So back to today, now, Christmas Eve, evening.... not sure if I will hear Santa's bells when he passes over tonight, not sure how strong my belief is this year... I am trying....


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