Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well its nearly here 2012! 2012, 2012, don't know why, but it does sound like a good number, but a number that brings many changes, some I am ready for, some I haven't got a clue about... and others that are sad too, that always come with change.

It feels to me much like the difference between 1999 and 2000, that New Years Eve, Barry was in London, near the London Eye by the Thames, Tony was.... ? was it at Eton? and I was at the top of Combe Hill, in the dark, with a handful of people, [unexpectedly], a bottle of cava, grapes and a giant rocket!  it was raining... and we drove off with Robbie Williams singing Millennium on the CD.... Drive off after midnight I mean! down the road to a party, not off Combe Hill into the unknown![Mmmm?]

This year, this evening, Pip and I will watch some TV, she doesn't mind which channel I watch, or if I change over half way through something either!! a glass of something or other in my hand... and await the ghosts, those ghosts of New Years Eve's past...  oh yes, they always come calling, never missed a year yet!

So amigos, your probably reading this next year by now.... who would be reading this at this time of the evening anyhows!!!

Best wishes, hope for a prosperous and healthy year ahead, much love... oh and lots of luck! My luck began this morning when I awoke in such a positive mood, came into town and my gloves that Mom had bought me, and I thought lost, had been found, and our syndicate won the biggest amount we have all year!

Marian xx

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