Monday, December 12, 2011

Well, busy day today, the removals men arrived on time, about 830am, and very thoroughly packed everything!  All my [step]Dads paintings, his little side tables, a couple of very old wooden stool things, even a trunk I have, which is well over a hundred years old, remember the one with the newspaper inside from 1800 something? Every single item left this house in a box, or boxes! and bubble wrapped too if need be.  They left at about 3:10pm, wow, long time, but well done as I say.

I had Pippa on her harness and lead the whole time, what with the front door open and closed, and them being so busy, and I sat at the dining table, for all that time, over 6 hours!!! The day actually went very fast considering.

When they had gone I quickly moved the dining table and bench back to its normal position and went out.... once back I switched on this for the first time today!  And no internet connection??  I pulled out the bench and found the telephone connection box thingy, where both the phone and internet connect together in the anti interference box [thing] was broken, I had smashed it, pushing the furniture back into position!  These connection things, we have dozens of them, packed.... and gone out of the front door this very day!  So now I will have to buy another one, all the others came free!

After I had done the small amount of furniture moving, Pippa and I went out, and down to the vets, she has now had her rabies vaccination and the parvo one, and a worming tablet to take later, or tomorrow probably now, and she is feeling sorry for herself and tucked up in her bed asleep!  Not sure if that's the jabs, or the fact she stayed awake all day to keep watch on the removals men!  She did after about 4 hours manage to at least lay down in her bed, and struggled to keep her eyes open, she did manage it though!

Pippa's chain was dragging on the marble floor and I said how "Christmassy it was, just like old  Bob Marley...."  Yes, that was a funny mistake to make wasn't it!  I think the Christmas Carol story by Charles Dickens had Jacob Marleys ghost who couldn't loose his chains not Bob Marley I said by mistake!

I am so tired, from doing nothing all day, so turning this off now I think...

TTFN amigos

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