Monday, February 22, 2016

Bunny in the garden!

Great day today!  Just published a book about my step father Dennis C Randall, and flooding the internet with it!!  He would have been 100 this June, and although he passed about nearly 20 years ago if never far from my mind, his paintings, his miniatures, I still have a few thankfully...  And the last week before I came away to work I got the book done in less than three days, nearly 10 thousand words and a selection of photographs and newspaper articles!  I must have written hastily and not checked out much of my writing, there were one or two issues!!  MMMmmm to say the least, but I am hoping I have corrected enough now... because it is already available to buy on Kindle....  and soon in paperback, that I can't wait to see!

This I need to remember to water more!
 I am chuffed as my mom would say! So hoping the fall won't be too hard!!!

Frost and the River Wye
Before I get back to work, I have a small poem? sing song?  It came to memory by the lady I am supporting... I have never heard of it before, I should check it out... bare with....

Hahahahaha.... sorry, but that is me laughing... okay, checked it... this firstly is the version I learnt last night!

Quick! quick!
The cats been sick

Where? where?
Under the chair

Hasten, hasten
fetch a basin

Too late, too late
'tis all in vain

The dirty boot has made a stain...

But searching I found this instead!

Quick! quick!
The Cats been sick

Where? where?
Under the chair

Hasten! hasten!
Fetch the basin

Alack! alack!
It is too late
The carpet's in
an awful state.

No! no!
It's all in vain,
For she has licked it
Up again!

(sounds so much like our Phoebe and Purdy)


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