Friday, February 12, 2016

Great church in Builth, full to bursting with bric-a-brac... I hesitate at the word Antiques, but I am sure if one had time there must be hundreds of good things in amongst the.... other stuff!!  We only had ten minutes, there was a man at the door when we went in, and I was going to buy a book, but when we got to the door again he had disappeared inside somewhere!!!  So I left the book... Didn't really need it, was not going to take it home and I think where I am staying just now I have seen a copy here!!!

My friend who I stayed with when I arrived here in Wales on Tuesday brought me here... We had the most amazing road trip!  It was like travelling though a couple of seasons too!  As we reached barren mountain summits covered in snow... the land the trees the roads... then dipped back down into lush valleys, the sun shining after the high fog, stunning clouds and roads running like small rivers...

A stranded sheep, he had got out of the field, and was trapped between cattle grids and fences, poor chap!!  We crept past so as not to spook the sheep which is here on the road...

This pillar on a building in Builth, The Strand... They look like faces of moustached men!

Keep seeing this fungus stuff all over trees here in Wales... what is it!! The whole of this tree was covered in it, including the ivy which was taking the tree over!!

The other snowy pictures are on my camera, will have to try to get them on here, thought I had downloaded them, but seems not???  Love this Chromebook, but like my recently updated to Windows 10 lap top there seems to be so much you just can't do with it!!  I miss my Windows 7... wish I had changed it back while I still could!!

Anyway!  Trip here from home went well, wonderful Vueling, all good and on time!  Arrived into Cardiff airport and the bus to the city was there waiting, for me, and once in the city a short walk to the station, I booked my train ticket while on the bus!  So just got into the station and printed out my ticket!  Got on the train not long afterwards and was on my way back to Neath! [Still feeling the irony!!]

Friends met me at the station and we went for coffees, was lovely to catch up with friends there... then my friends husband collected me and whisked us off to Ammanford area collecting a take-out on route!

Great evening of chatting and catching up.... and in the morning we left early, and took two hours to get here... we diverted, we took roads lesser known, we went through Bethlehem... and we stopped and took photos on wild moors, we drove through snow covered roads, the summits of mountains were snowed in... luckily the roads were clear enough, although plenty of slush filled the edges... then, a drop of ten feet and the snow was going going gone!  Took some lovely shots, I will try to get on here tomorrow...

We got into Builth... and I will continue tomorrow!

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