Monday, February 15, 2016

Have I already posted these photographs? LOL oh well.... The scenery was just so beautiful, I just can't help myself! MMmm, just checked, I hadn't!!

A beautiful day today again, as yesterday, cold outside, but blue skies and sunshine, and some little white puffy clouds here and there...

Time is passing well, and only problems seem to be accessing my photographs from my phone onto here, or from the camera and then trying to find them again!  Little worries that are meaningless!!

Do wish I could get in a car and go for a drive though, not just me, but take the customer out for a spin, jsut to get out, get some fresh air... for both of us!

Feeling in a very strange mood today, keep wanting to do stuff, but my 'stuff' isn't here with which to use! I have my camera, and am taking too many shots of things I will never publish, and am deleting as many as I take some days...

The strange thing in the tree is still there... It still looks like a huge flower??? But so near the top of this massive pine tree... Wish I could get nearer, but the nearer I get the more obliterated it becomes by the tree itself!!

And so, as I am rambling and saying nothing at all I better get cracking!  Half hour left of my break, I should try to relax maybe!


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