Saturday, February 27, 2016


A man from the farm, he used to water down the milk, they watched him from an upstairs window, and later asked him 'why did you water down the milk' he said not enough for the calves otherwise... He once went to Aberystwyth, about fifty miles from there, he was old, and had never seen the sea... When he came back he said to them "You should see the size of the lake there!! and there was a 'uman there, looking out towards the sea, she was throwing something, 'arf naked too she were!"  'She' was a statue there, casting a wreath out to sea... Still there I guess.  Must have been there when I met up with my cousin there last year... Seems hard to believe someone wouldn't have seen the sea nearly all their lives so close to it...

'We' went out yesterday for lunch which was wonderful, an old place that used to belong to a local Lord and Lady, and one where the lady I support used to visit as friends... must feel strange going in there now, with the flotsam and jetsam!

The Wye

Blossom Time
 The other day I walked down to the Wye, climbed over a very dodgy stile, it didn't have foot rests either side, so was more of a waist high fence, with the other side being lower than the roadside by about a foot!  Which proved more difficult for the climb back over... and I waited for no passing cars, just in case I fell!!!

The Wye
The river twists and turns just here, so not a great view from either way... There was a train line running parallel to the river and road here, can't work out how they all fitted in, time to Google!!


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