Saturday, February 13, 2016

 Two snowy views from the car on the way here on Wednesday, couldn't believe it, even with my own eyes!! Snow, snowy fog and nothing else in view!!

Some views as we stopped, and we stopped all over the place!! Luckily we were the only car we saw!!!  I wanted to get out and get closer to the snow, but we were inches deep in water when we went to open the car doors!!

And in Builth Wells, all green, obviously low enough not to have snow, but it was bitterly cold Wednesday!
And below the Builth Bull!!!  Not much more to add to that just yet!!

The river Wye is very wide here, as it is here where I am staying just now, you can hear it all night... think I mentioned that already!

Some more stories from here... I don't think I am repeating my self here?

Firstly a friend of hers, whilst nursing during WW2 and looking after 'the boys' here in Wales... She was asked if she would wash the false teeth... and she did, but all together in one bowl!!! Arh... nightmare!!!  She moved onto other things quite soon after that!!

And every evening they were given soup, not much for lunch, and soup each night, the soup was made up of all the leftovers from lunch time... One might think surely there couldn't have been any leftovers?? But it was what was left on plates!!! OMG, imagine, people forks and knives in and out of the food, saliva left in the food!?! UUUUGGGGHHHHH!! LOL  That is what they made the soup from every day!!  A pound a week pay, chips on a Friday from the chippy as a treat... and soup every night for supper!!!

As a child, stationed in Aldershot, the Aldershot Tattoo... She says the stands and grounds went dark, totally dark, totally quiet, then the sound of a faraway piper began... then a light in a far corner and another piper... lights came on one by one, more and more pipers all combining to make a wondrous sound, she says it was amazing, and gave her chills!  It did me as she told me the story...

Not sure whats wrong with my taste buds, brought chocolate with me, dark chocolate, salted, and I can't eat it!!! It is awful!!  And its the only chocolate I brought with me!!


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