Friday, February 19, 2016

Double photograph set... above... well, you can see what I have done!

Lots to photograph here, would like another really frosty morning!  Was to start today, but then clouds came down and temperatures went up!

Rant Warning:

I cannot believe the bin men here!!!!  Not sure why the wheely bin was not emptied last time, but it wasn't, and there were three extra black bags put to one side, I got them out this morning and put them on top of the recycling boxes, just to keep them off the ground...

Well, they did the recycling, but left the full bin and the extra bags... I checked out the web address for problems as the info suggests... it says if the wheely bin is not closed they won't take it... I checked, and it was indeed open, I went out put the lid down, without actually having to push hard or push any contents down inside...

I emailed them the problem we now have, four bags and full bin!  So, what happens in three weeks time, yes three, 3, three blooming weeks for a wheely bin!!!??!!  There will be ten extra bags next time then, at least, and I suppose they'll be leaving them too!!

I could understand if the lid was up at a 60 or 90 degree angle!  But really an inch or two???  It was resting on a puffed up bag!

Okay rant over, but not answered!!


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