Sunday, August 20, 2006


where has the time gone? sunday now... friday i think was just a walk into town, had coffee with friend... and chat with another in her shop, she is feeling under the weather, i think as so many people are is must just be the heat, after the little rain we had on thursday it did cool things down a bit, so on friday when i got home i thought, ok up on the roof terrace get some sun, apart from going to the beach the other day, i havent 'sunbathed' at all, not at home where the roof is like an oven, i thought it was cooler and sat up there finishing a good book and relaxing, when i came down i was so sore from the sun... i very stupidly didnt put a dot of sun cream on! dont know what i was thinking it was well over 30C!

have been juicing every day now with our new machine, infact thats all i have at lunch time, just over half a litre of juice! thats about 6 to 8 portions of fruit/veg in one go, and its very filling.

saturday i went to town and collected a pair of pants pif paf were getting for me from another store, just a black pair regular kind of style for work! have had another couple of calls saying they are counting on me for a perticular promotion theyre doing... so we will see! and still needed a pair of shoes without open toes for work, at this time of year here in spain the sales have started back in july and they continue to the end of august, and everything in the shop has to go, which is good, no searching for the sale rack, but it also means the shops are only stocked with summer wear, and for a job you need... well work type things, so only now there is some new stock coming in, hidden away somewhere in the stores, but the shoes! i got a nice pair of black sort of work looking, open heal but closed in toe with a little bar across... all leather tops soles inners etc.... 3€ yes three euros! thats about 2pounds 10 pence! wow.... with all that spare cash, i got a 4 tumblers with lids for the juice! and an umbrella and had to pay a wopping 3€60 for those 5 items! from the euro store!

now today more to the point...

market... blah blah blah.... drove down to the coast in search of an open food store, hadnt done my normal on line shopping in case i was working (?) so, we're at the junction where there is a slip road you have to stop at the end of, usual here in spain (?) and we got hit from behind!! bang! we moved forward and over to converse with the other driver and make room for the other traffic to get onto the carreterra 340, and he drove off couldnt believe it! we were both out of the car and so jumped back in me trying to remember his plate number, repeating it over and over, while franco was trying to catch him up! i coulnt find my pen for ages, what with saying the number over and over, and trying to watch where he was, dodging in and out of the two lane traffic, so many exists and so many cars coming and going... but we did! he came off at the calahonda turn off, our old exit, and he got stuck in the traffic and we pulled up along side his car... he had got blocked in and franco just parked next to him, i think the people behind would have got upset at that only when they saw franco get out of the car they thought twice!

we explained to him its a criminal offence to leave the scene of an accident, and if we were spanish they would have called the police by now and he wouldnt be driving anywhere for some time to come! he said well there was no damage, and we replyed it dosent matter about damage or not... although there was to our car and alot to his own which he obviously didnt care about! you do have to stop, get out of the car and actually look to see what the cars look like, not just guess and run away, i must admit the poor guy looked terrified, i mean we dont look that scary... do we? but we dont look english and maybe he thought he was in worse trouble than he was!

he paid us for a new number plate light, goodness knows where it is, could be in the bumper somewhere, but its gone from sight! and i think he didnt have insurance, i asked for it and he said he didnt have it on him! bit unusual that, if you get pulled by the police here they dont say you have 7 days to take your docs to a local police station, they take and keep your car if you cant produce your docs until you do... and of course if you dont have any, you would just lose your car... period!

havent checked the camera yet though, i was so shaky dont know if i took a photo or not, it did the trick though... talk about exciting!

back at the market earlier the man who used to take the old clothes for 'humana' from cudeca, passed by when i had my purse open and he pretended to snatch my purse... that was funny...NOT ! i could have given him a karate kick... if i knew how!

so... went to lidl, home, unpacked and eaten lunch, time to relax again now!

People who are friends, usually have the same virtues, the same enemies, or the same faults.



Desert Dreamer said...

I hope you don't have a sore neck tomorrow, sometimes that happens with us Fibro people and the rear end thing. I know when my husband spun out doing a HUGE 25 miles per hour or less...I admit it, I'm a wimp...I had a neck ache for days! I'm glad you caught up to the culprit, sometimes they get away and then you're stuck!

The purse thing was NOT funny, I agree!

forget me not said...

Wow, what an exciting day! I just hate sly drivers like that. And Bravo Franco for chasing him down!!

Marian said...

DD and FMN... yes about the neck... and hard day in shop on monday, but this week so far!?! i am just one big hurt... :-( but... i have a job, a proper, contracted job! and for spain this is real good! and yes my brave honey, chasing the man down! we wouldnt have done that in NY though now would we!