Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The long tuesday

i seem to have days that i do so much, tell you all my day, probably sounds a bit boring sometimes? just another day in the life of Maz eh! like today got alot acomplished, but then i think of lots of other things, past stuff that i think is more interesting or at least different from the norm! so todays news tomorrow and and today a small but interesting glimpse into my past memories... do do doooo do, do do dooooo do, (this is spooky music to take us back in time)!

one evening my husband dave, came home from work and said he had to go to another job that was really urgent and did i want to come with him for the drive, the job was in park lane, a very posh street in london, we only lived half hour away, so i gathered things for the trip, our at that point only son barry, was 6 months old, so it was only one small case for the evenings trip!! and off we went, sorry forgot, dave was a carpet fitter back then. so we arrived at the apartment building and dave went in, only had to fit a bathroom carpet in a cream shag pile carpet... very luxurous at the time! we were just going to wait in the van, but the customer said to bring us up so barry and i came up and were welcomed at the door by... telly savalas... kojak!! only wearing a veeeeery short bath robe! he kissed me on my right cheek, just here... see? and took us through into the very large lounge, dont know if its just my memory but it really was the biggest living room i have ever seen... he took barry from me and showed him around the room and then sort of sat him, being only 6 months old, it was more of a leaned him, in his chair! and he told us him and his girl friend, marianne, were off out soon and that we should help ourselves to anything we wanted from the kitchen, to drink or to eat whatever, just to make ourselves at home... the bathroom dave had to fit was a rather large one as you imagine in an apartment down park lane! and they left later, and later we let ourselves out of their home.

now the funny thing... the next morning i realised i had left my coat there! and dave called, it was a sunday and he left it till mid day to phone, telly answered the call still sounding sleepy and said my coat was safe and that it had spent the night on their bed!! oh my goodness!

we went back up to london to collect it later that day....

he was such a wonderful kind and generous man, and so tall and broad, i was then about 21 and he seemed like a giant to me... he signed me a photo which i treasure, and of course barry dosent remember a thing about it!

Friends bring out the beautiful things in each other that no one else looks hard enough to find...


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forget me not said...

How exciting that must have been! I used to watch Kojak all the time! I've met some famous people too, but mostly Nobel prize winning scientists, opera singers and some Italian pop stars (that was many years ago!).
PS I like the sound effects you put on...do do do doooooooooo