Friday, August 04, 2006

Vera Cruz

photos from this morning, i did a small video but it didnt really come out, the computer then crashed before i had to time to check it out on the video down loading site thingy, so had to go round the houses to get it back, had to post it on here instead of over there>>>>>> and then quickly checked it out, didnt like it and deleted it! so if you did get to see it, you must have blinked and then it was gone!

me and friend went up to ayuntamiento, town hall, this morning i had to pick up my empradronimento certificado, cert. to say i live here! and kip wanted to see plans for plaza near her place, we dont have many green park areas in town, and they want to put a car park on this one! seems an idea now is to put an underground one instead and then put the garden back afterwards! uuummmm, this would be the fountains, the band stand, all the beautiful trees and flowers etc etc, we will see!

the first pic is actually taken from the plaza infront of the townhall, and is the view from above our house, although you cant see our roof from here, our neighbors is blocking the view, good for us actually! then the next two are inside the townhall, me! near a wall fountain, and the main fountain with lil' cherub atop! its a really pretty interior courtyard, arab by design of course, this whole area of andalucia if you didnt know was taken by the arabs a long long time ago, and alhaurín actually means 'garden of alla'...

oh and then after all above and going into town another pair of shoes went their seperate ways! soul from uppers! they were only cheap beach shoes, but comfortable and good for walking these upperty bumperty streets! wasnt going to make it home so had to pop into a shoe shop and buy another pair! 5€ blue strappy shoes, not the best for our village, but i had to do something, or it would have been barefoot... and red faced!

Great friends are hard to find,
difficult to leave,
and impossible to forget...



forget me not said...

What a beautiful ayuntamiento! It seems so cool there, but I'm sure it's sweltering. Somehow I think the weather is not very humid though. Am I right?

Marian said... was a bit cooler in the interior... a brief reprieve... it says here on my google temp thingy that its 37 percent humidity, inland it is much better than on the coast, but there they have the breeze blowing in off the sea and the winds that come over from africa!

and on the one from london its 77 percent humidity and my mom has just told me its raining cats and dogs!

forget me not said...

So typical of London, isn't it?
37 percent humidity with 37 degrees temperature is not bad at all. In Northern Italy they had the same with 80 percent humidity. To die from!!!