Tuesday, August 15, 2006


phew... wish i would cool down, just another couple of weeks and it will, just a little, just a day without having to constantly dry myself with tissues would be good! the lady above is just how i feel i look!

had another email scam today... unbelievable some of them arnt they, or am i the only who gets them? todays was from a so called company telling me a claim had been processed for me and i needed to contact them with regards to collecting the money... no doubt they would want my bank account details, the one before was from a 'company' in china telling me they needed someone in spain who has a bank account so they can have their spanish clients put money in to it, and i would forward said money to china!?! i have had the usual one from nigeria asking for my bank account details quite opening saying they have money for me, but i must give them some first! but the worst and quite upsetting given my dad died in an auto accident, was a company saying a mr *****, had died in an auto accident, and they were trying to tracy his family and it seemed i was the last living relative!

not heard about the job yet... checked when i logged in my meeting with the supervisor was on my time sheet though! why are things so strange? you know i once went for a job interview, and the man said, oh by the way this was here too, in spain, anyway he said they had 5 women he wanted to do a days work and see who got on best.... so the five of us did a whole day down at this realitors, 9 to 7, two hours lunch break, was easy enough, just answering the phone really and after working at mercedes, very few calls, i was used to 100's, there it only rang maybe once or twice in 15 minutes! i learned how to put new properties into their internet site, details photos etc, and typed a few letters.... they never even phoned me.... infact they never phoned anyone! good idea eh if you have someone going on holidays, just put out an add and try 5 or them! yeah ok we were the mugs, but who would ever guess! still i learned a little about property data base on the net!

A friend will joyfully sing with you when you are on the mountain top,
and silently walk beside you through the valley...



Desert Dreamer said...

Oh, boy! This lady looks just like me too! I have to say that while we were camping I was at nearly 8,000 feet and it froze 3 night while I was there. The temp was 28 degrees farenheit! IT FELT SO GOOD!
Anyhow, we came home to a cooler valley, not cold by any means but cooler than those 100 plus temperatures! I will pray that you will have the same relief very soon!

forget me not said...

Same here! We've had a gorgeous day here, sunny and cool, while we ate away the hours (I mean really ATE: roast chicken, roast rabbit (poor bunny!) and barbequed lamb. Of course we had pasta as a first course, and closed things up with watermelon and pastries. All washed down with excellent prosecco wine!
There were twenty of us and there are leftovers for tonight. To cool off, we had water fights, which is a tradition in Italy for the feast of the Assumption.
What a day, spent with wonderful loving people. Only my son Max was not here, as he is travelling to the Isle of Brac in Croatia for a week with his friends. We missed him tho'!

Chrissie said...

Hi Marian Did you manage to go to Calahonda to see how El Zoco is coming on since the fire Chrissie

Marian said...

DD... this morning when i walked pip it felt cooler, but it was just kidding me! it was only just light... and when the sun came up... bam! but we're nearly there now... then i'll moaning how cold it is!

FMN... sounds a wonderful beautiful day, and a real feast!

Chrissie... manaña, will let you know tomorrow forsure, words and photos!