Thursday, August 10, 2006

Virgin de Gracia

the lady above is our towns patron saint and we are celcbrating her this week, from the 10th to 15th of august, and tonight she will be carried around the streets in our neighborhood, dont think this happened last year, but i do remember her coming through held high 4 years ago, when i stayed with friends who used to live here... hopefully i will get a photo thats good for here!

but to the news today primarily... thank god for the security in england, all those flights that could have been blown up by those people, it really dose not bear thinking about... its worth all the waiting and cancelled flights for anyone travelling over the next few days, some people were asking silly questions about not taking hand luggage through or having their shoes checked? what is the matter with them, would they rather not have a safe flight?

i remember sarah and i coming back to england after 9/11 it was the day after only, our flight had been embarg, what is the pural of that word have tried a few things and none look correct, anyway, we couldnt fly, it was only delayed for four hours, although none of us minded, and none of us minded the extra time and effort put into checking everyone throughly for our flight.

and tomorrow i have an interview... i had a strange call yesterday, but after some confusion mainly as she phoned me on my mobile and the signal is useless in our old house with its thick walls! but after we worked it all out... i am meeting someone who got my details from an on line job centre, thing is..... i dont know who the company is, where theyre based, what the job is... yes yes i can hear you ... what on earth is the girl doing, and you dont know where i'm meeting her yet, her i hope, it was a her i spoke with on the phone! i am meeting her in a famous store in malaga... near the luggage section! oh well wish me luck and i'll let you know how i get on when i get back tomorrow...........

Wherever you are, it's your friends who make your world...



forget me not said...

Good luck!!
Do you think you'll be working for the store? Is it El Corte Inglés? That would be fun to do! Selling suitcases to tourists probably...but wait, they already have suitcases. Maybe they'll need an extra one to carry all their souvenirs in?

forget me not said...

I hope Nuestra Senora grants you everything you wish.

Marian said...

thank you! and yes good time to go for an interview with our ladys week this week... but the place of the interview was just a place we pìcked that we both knew, the luggage area is at the top of the stairs on the restaurant level... easy to spot me! well hopefully eh! and yes you guessed the shop right!?!