Thursday, August 03, 2006

phew... getting hotter!

today went down through town to friends apartment for coffee, well water first, and their elevator is out, so a nice 4th floor walk at the end, was nearly the end of me! they could hear me panting all the way!

their electricity bill was way over the top, and is not even registered to their apartment number, so i think something dodgy is going on there!

sent my mom off a nice top i got for her earlier in the week on my way home... and have just tried to stay cool(?) hahahaha! think times like these as everyone says, just go to the beach! but i dont fancy being out in the sun all those hours, would be nice if it was sardinia still here, with trees to the beach for shelter! its still 40C on the roof now and its gone 8pm... bring it on!

shall i try putting a photo here now, did try already but it was a no go zone!

nope ok will try again later....

Because we can't call people without wings angels,
we call them friends...



forget me not said...

Thanks for this beautiful shot of paradise!
I love Sardinia even though I've never been there. My cousin's husband is from Cagliari - he's a chef in a Sardinian restaurant. He tells us all about his beautiful island, with it's pink or white sand beaches and deep blue sea. Gorgeous!

Marian said...

FMN... oh yes it is like paradise, especially where we were, alghero this is, NE coast, so unspoilt, long sandy beaches, few hotels, this was february, warm enough during the day, although not for sunbathing, but the evenings and night were freezing, and then the day before we left... sleet, brrrrr! we were going to move there, but the family said there was not enough work really, and were we crazy wanting to leave españa!