Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Poet

here is me and a gentlemen from cadiz... i am sorry i did look at his name and now? tony took this shot when we went there last year...

today we went to the market, taking pippa with us, then dropped her off home and went down to the shops on the coast, we were only there yesterday but had forgotten something we needed, a car jack! we looked around town here last night, but only the bizzar shops were open, here in alhaurín from the end of july and all the way through august the shops are only open in the mornings as its too hot in the afternoons... and yesterday morning we went down to coast, shops, marias apartment and then to the beach! we walked along to cabopino, took us about half hour 40 minutes from marias place, had a couple of cokes each and walked back, i had flip flops on and my feet were burning from the sand i was raising as i walked! needed shoes on!

then we made our selves comfortable and sunbathed for a couple of hours down near the apartment, very quiet there, only a handfull of people, no one really knows the beach there and its so nice because of this! i pulled out an old bit of weathered wood that looked like a small foot stall and moved it out into the sea so i could sit on it, it was so lovely and cooling reading my book as the waves came in and out over me and my block of wood! from where i sat i coulnt see land at all, was strange feeling!

now look at me going on as usual, i was only going to type a poem i found years ago for you to read as i did something really daft this morning, not intentionally and something i always dread doing with my joints always hurting as they do, and remembering every last bump and knock i have ever had, well i slipped over would you believe, franco and i were walking into the miramar shopping centre still in the car park, we're usually hand in hand, but franco had gone to look at a car that caught his eye... and to be honest i really dont remember going down! but there i was flat on my back! i hit my left hip really hard and left wrist caught real bad, but i hit everything bar my head i think, my glasses which had been on top of my head went flying! franco pulled me up and i waited in the car while he went into the shops instead...

so as you can guess my hands are agony just now, although the pain killers have taken the edge off i know typing is not going to help me tomorrow!

so poem tomorrow...


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Desert Dreamer said...

Oh, so wonderful! I would love to come sit on that piece of wood and float about!
I am sorry you feel, I understand the pain of something like that. I am having trouble with my ankles and am finding that allergies to the grass in which I love to run my feet through aggrivate this by causing swelling in the joints. I will be sure to say a prayer for you today and I will be happy to read your poem tomorrow.
God bless!
Oh yeah, I have my comments turned back on. Silly took forever for me to figure out they were turned off! LOL