Thursday, August 17, 2006

El Zoco, Calahonda

oh i'm tired now.... went out at 9am and just back and its gone 6pm! went down to friends where we used to live near el zoco, its still the same as last i saw it... the front covered now by scafolding etc, but everything inside is ok, all the restaurants etc, its only the book shop, not reopening, mario's mens hairdressers... he is sharing with the ladies hair salon at the moment! the card shop and the ones along the front road side, super market is still open of course, and the furniture store where the blaze started is just a skeleton! there is a new comercial centre called comercial los olivos, which should be opening soon too, thats on the road down or to, the toll road there at calahonda.

after having coffee, we have a wander around saw a few people i used to see everyday, and then at 12 went to see family who are over and staying in the beach apartment, we went to la cañada shopping centre... and it was pouring with rain when we arrived! yes rain, flithy stuff too! how come the clouds get dusty like that i would like to know! anyway we ran into the shops and stayed there for four and half hours!!! and yes i feel like we did!

i bought a white blouse in zara's and had to line up for half hour the tills were so busy! its nearing the end of the sale now and the whole shopping centre is a real mess, it looks like a bunch of monkeys have gone through it and just chucked stuff around! how can some people be so messy? i was tiding as i went! and we were picking stuff up off the floor, what a state the place was.

anyway, dropped them off and now i am home, and tired and going to relax now, so caio for now!

If you do something good, enjoy it, repeat it, and allow it to become a way of life...



chrissie said...

Hi Marian Thankyou very much for the information on El Zoco.We are arriving in Calahonda on the 27th of August.We are staying for 7 weeks as we have our own appt in Gran Calahonda nearly opposite the commercial centre Los Olivos.Hope you are now recovered from your busy day.I find your blog so interesting,only came across it by chance.Your little dog looks so cute.I will look out for you at the airport,if you wear a name badge i will make myself known to you.Thanks again. Chrissie

Desert Dreamer said...

Whew! That shopping sounds like shopping at Walmart at Christmas! LOL

Marian said...

chrissie... de nada, your welcome! yes i could be at the airport by then,would be good to say 'hello', i did get a call about a promo, it would be in a store somewhere along coast between torremolinos and mijas costa! it was from now till end of september, but as i am in the uk for a week in sept. i think the client wants someone who can do the whole promotion. so we will see, have a great visit.

Marian said...

DD... it was just like chritmas, exactly, just no wrapping service or christmas trees and decorations in sight, but the same panic on some of the faces and the rushing! i dont like that sort of shopping, especially if i HAVE to get something, i go real early... get in and get out!

Desert Dreamer said...

You and me both. I have decided to do most of my shopping this year in the small town we are close to. I don't know what people are going to get, but there will be lots less frustration!