Thursday, March 01, 2007

St Davids day

here is the letter to read from yesterday

The "Letter" in part:

"You are to know that those many, many times that you struggled through the
tears of pain and confusion were the times that the Angels from the very
highest realms sat by your side on your living room couch. For you came
back here to this very negative dimension to conquer all self-doubt, and
you were determined to blossom into the bright God-Light/Self that you are.
The Hierarchy of Heaven stands in awe of you.

The trail that you blaze is a yellow brick road, paved in the gold that
shimmers with Heavens Light. And when the people of the Earth look back on
their release from the chains of negativity and fear, they will feel your
passion and know that the tears you once shed so long ago, have watered and
fertilized the seeds of hope that blossomed into Love's most divine Eden."

Dearest hearts, remember who you are, especially when you feel like you are
being 'whacked' around. Know that you are always being watched over, walked
next to and held in the arms of grace even when it seems otherwise. You are
heroes, living in a transition stage and by your very presence upon this
earth you are bringing a species and a planet back into Light. The entirety
of Heaven honors you.

We have taken on the most monumental of tasks and the pain is a result of
the dying off of the old complex human nature. My friend Jean Houston said
it this way "we are the parenthesis closing the end of an era so another
can begin." Bless our hearts!

We have been blessed to stand on the shoulders of many great ones that came
before us. Believe this, many here now, and those to come will stand on
ours. That very truth is humbling while motivating at the same time. For
me, it reminds me of my responsibility to be the best me I can be, to
compare myself to no other and "to live UP to the Light I have."

We, you and I, are complex in our natures, however if we remain in our
hearts and not our minds, our complexities will simplify immeasurably. Let
everything out of your grip, wipe the sweat from your palms and open wide
to the infinite possibilities that live and breathe and have their very
existence within you. Live UP to your precious selves in spite of the often
not so graceful circumstances.


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