Tuesday, July 31, 2007

above is inside the los olivos restaurant in the new commercial centre at calahonda, oposite gran calahonda urbanization...

this photo is actually taken from the non smoking section through the glass into the smoking section, you have to be over 16 to go in there, and there is a balcon from there outside, then there is another outside area near the entrance, the place in total seats about 200.

its so clean and tidy and the staff are all very helpful, and there are alot of them!


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the photos of the new supersol in Calahonda I dont know if you remember me I told you last year we had a appt in Gran Calahonda and had to cancel going there as my husband was ill.Unfortunately he died and I had to sell the appt but I still have fond memories of Calahonda as we watched the supermarket being built from the start

Marian said...

Chrissie... of course i remember you, i thought this anon was you and infact i have often thought of you, remembering you said your husband was not well, and from what you said i had worried alot how things were going to turn out.

i am so so sorry to hear he has since died.

say hello now and again wont you, and if? when? you next come by this way again, i´ll get you coffee down in los olivos.

take care
love mxx