Monday, July 30, 2007

bad news on the news today, mike read has died... a really funny man, a great actor too. do you remember i saw him back in april? at a job interview being held in el chaperal golf course down on the coast, and he saw me too, turned to look at me and the chap interviewing me as if to say whats going on 'ere!

pia... the book the five people you meet in heaven is the name of the book, made me smile and made me cry too.

really looking forward to this coming weekend already, we are going to the lakes and out on it! we got me a life jacket yesterday, so i will be ok! franco says he will just hold onto the boat as it deflates, this is if it starts to of course! he cant swim too much either, well to be honest i dont think i can swim at all! but will feel safe with the jacket on!

got everything ready, our little non slip shoes we got from lidl a few weeks ago, towels, hat of course, sun screen, definately!

two lots of oars so i will be keeping fit too, if i can manage to row at all!

It can be used to describe
the beauty of an earth-shattering meeting
between two people,
but if isn´t just that.
It is there in the excitement of the unexpected,
in the desire to do something with real fervour,
in the certainty that one is going to realize a dream.
Passion sends us signals that guide us through our lives.



Anonymous said...

Please could you show the photos of the new supersol in Calahonda I know it seems sad but Iam interested to see how it looks

Pia said...

Amazing, Marian...we have the same taste in books! I read that a couple of years ago, after I read Tuesdays with Morrie by the same author. Did you read that? It's great!

Marian said...

anon... hope the photos are ok! i felt like a reporter taking these when i was there, or a very strange tourist!

Marian said...

pia... nope havent read that yet, and its so strange how the book came to me! i suppose like the alchemist...i will have to check out tuesdays with morrie, you know i think i have seen the movie tho', is it about a man in about his 30´s or so and an old chap who meet, every tuesday, of course, and its really sad at the end?

Pia said...

Yeah, that's it...Didn't know it was a movie, though, lol! I'll have to rent it or download it I guess! The book is very much worth reading, and I liked it even better than the other one.