Tuesday, July 10, 2007

isnt this beautiful... franco took pippas photo in our kitchen last night, what a little angel she looks! ahem!

and she matches the marble flooring exactly too!

everyone today is sleeping poorly this week, while we adjust to the heat i guess, and me i just could not get comfortable, suffering with the hips a bit this week, ran out of my strong anti inflamitories (oh heck give up tried that several different ways and cant get rid of that red line to tell me 'spelt wrong' but now it says spelt in wrong too, twice!) back on the good ones now, but those others do not help much. last few days wasnt even sure i could get walking first thing in the morning with pippa and then walk into town too, but something keeps me going till i get home again.

tony had taken pip out every day for a walk while he was here.... and for much longer trips than i have been able to take her for a while, spoiling both her and me for two weeks.

today stopped at bar rosa for coffee with friends, then we got up to leave and i sat down with different friends for a bit longer and another coffee! there was a nice breeze today too which breaks up the heat, apparently its cooler down on the coast these last few days, nice sea breeze....

It is not necessary to move mountains
to prove your faith...


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Pia said...

I'm sorry if Pippa is offended that I did not make any compliments! Beautiful doggie, you're soooo cuuuute!