Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Hollies were on the tv just now... a concert from i guess the middle 70´s.

when i was not sure somewhere between 13 and 15 i think, in the 70's forsure, i think 4 of the boys came to our house, they were with their manager and in my step dads workshop looking at his paintings and the restoration work he did there, mom told me to take out tea to them all, so i carried out the tray of 4 or 5 mugs of tea, said `hello´and came back out again and into the house, mom said well? i was like well what! and she said they are The Hollies! and i am sad to say i was just... well ok! you see... what with david cassidy and probably my first love.... sorry chaps!

i got my comupance another day though when answering the phone and saying how pleased i was to be speaking to graham green! only to be told it was his nephew... so i said, well its good to speak to you to!

A warrior of light needs both patience and speed.
He treats each situation as if it were unique.


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