Tuesday, July 24, 2007

well i was going to lead you in slowing the photo of the cicada above, but, as usual a but! all the other photos i have taken with my new camera are too big... i would of course, on my old pc just have shrunk them down without loosing any of the picture, but so far, going through this book of mine in vista you can crop and do a hundred other things, but cant find resize anywhere... yet....

so give me time, and i will take the photos in a smaller format also, see if that helps! because i took some photos of the new super sol down at calahonda that franco has been raving about for a month or more now, its right oposite the gran calahonda urbanisation down there.... looks great from out side and the restaurant is lovely, could tell franco has been in there once or twice, all the staff shouted hello to him, or rather hola... when we walked in!

this was sunday, after lunch there we went to the apartment on the beach, made sure everything was good down there, watched the german grandprix... what a wash out, but made it a very interesting race.

it was there i saw the cicada above, what a huge creature it is! nearly 4 inches long nose to wing tip, the wings of course being the things that make the sound of electricity pylons... when it gets hot, they start moving to cool the bug down!

took a short video too, but when i downloaded it, after a somewhat confusing time, the computer couldnt understand two cameras the same make and model, both wanted to download photos! doh! technology... humph!

but once there... it said `movie' but came out a jpg file, so no good, will have to sort that out too!

then yesterday out of the blue i had a migrane! has been a while hasnt it? infact cant remember the last one i had this bad, a full blown migrane, with all the symptoms etc etc! i came home from town, although at one point thought i wouldnt be able to even walk up to our house, but that was just my joints, but i also felt so hot and heavy and slow, but again, we are all feeling this here just now... got in had a coffee, and bam migrane!

i went to bed and got up this morning, feeling achey from laying down so long, cant win...

In the search for your destiny,
you will often find yourself obliged
to change direction...



Pia said...

You shouldn't drink coffee. The fact that you got it after you drank that means that your headaches do not come from dilation of the veins but the contrary. Caffein is a vaso-restringent (I'm thinking in Italian with this term), which will trigger a headache in a person like you (and myself).

Marian said...

i know i know... and i am much better now, used to drink loads of coffee 6 to 8 cups a day posibly, so i switched to tea, and then heard its not good drinking that much tea either, so back to coffee, but its only maybe 2 or 3 a day, have had one so far and its nearly one pm...

and now it seems it was my hormones! but yes forsure about the veins thing, the magic tablets i have now dilate the veins to allow free flow again at the base of the skull or somewhere nearby!