Friday, July 20, 2007

castle of the stars

was just looking at the photos i took last month when we were out and about with tony... here the view from the castle at `teba´ what a view, i took this and the one below from the roof!

those two posts and the square object in the middle... they are on the extreme edge of the roof! i came up out of that square and just headed off into the middle of the open plan top to take the very top photo, it was only when i turned around and realised how close the stairs were to the edge!

the tower on the right, five stories high... this is where i had stood a few minutes before... there is no way this building would have been allowed to be open in england... what an accident waiting to happen! there were recjas (grills) on the door going in, it even had a bolt that could be locked... from the inside only... like anyone would want to be locked in there!

also realised looking at them the name of the castle... castle of the stars...

When we have great treasures before us,
we can never see them...


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