Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter

went down to friends shop this morning early to help out, i left the house at 730! she had pre ordered books going out this morning and sold a few others into the bargin!

we didnt have any long line of people like in london last night, or anyone in costume! but it was still good fun seeing people coming in all excited about a good book.

so a few sores eyes by this time now if everyone has sat and read all day, they are talking on the tv of some younger people needing therapy as this is the last book!

what is life coming to! these books are not about a true story.... no really... or are they!

it was so quiet in town this morning, i know it was early, but even at eleven still quite quiet... its been too hot and everyone is moving s o s l o w. . .

did i mention i was trying a new tablet my mom bought for me? its rose hips, and supposed to be good for joints, in more pain than usual these last few days, been taking a couple of strong pain killers at night to help me sleep, and these new tablets are 3 two times a day for two weeks, so we will see, no effect yet(?)

i am getting very tempted to try those ones advertised on tv for dogs!!! the ad says to give to your dog and in six weeks he or she will be running around like a young pup again! well why cant they invent things like this for humans then...

or have they and i just havent found it yet! although i think my next move should be to get back to my doctors and have some x rays on these hips of mine, the only time i am comfortable is when i am laid out flat! not very convient for day to day living is it!

photo above... tony and franco and me, in gibraltor... the day we had paid just over 70€ for the most horrible amercian lunch, the shops were all closed and rain was iminant! do they both look grumpy to you?

The search can be as interesting as the fear you feel - as long as you overcome that fear...


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