Friday, September 07, 2007

The BBC in Alhaurín el Grande

here we were at the alhaurín auction room this evening, here on the left is the guy from the tv, do you recognise him? those of you from the UK?

here he is towards the end of the auction doing his bit at the auctioneers platform.... trying to up the bids and do a good job!

there were lots of people there, we were intending to go anyway, but when we saw they were going to be filming we couldnt miss it! i think lots of other people thought the same thing!

did seem strange with all the cameras, although you soon forgot about them till you looked right at one and thought.... oh we´re being watched!

there were a few people who kept their heads down and shades on, you know, the ones out here in hiding.... just kidding....

afterwards franco and i ate out at the Rialto, an italian restaurant, no really! its really good there, the food is always excellant, the service very good and friendly, its up c/gerald brennan, sort of opposite super sol.

mi amiga is back at work tomorrow, cant wait to hear all her news of canada, and of course, just to have her back...

The most important experiences we can have are
those that take us to the very limit.
That is the only way we learn,
because it requires all our courage.


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