Saturday, September 15, 2007

well that seeeems to be the rain for now... i think! although its supposed to rain all of october, but we shall see, hope not barry is out here then! i know he prefers the weather cool but not sure torrential rain is quite the right thing for a holiday in spain for him!

the evenings are getting a little cooler now, we havent had the ceiling fan on upstairs to help us sleep for last couple of nights, although still on down stairs and it has been over 30 today here in alhaurín, the clouds were low over the town this morning coming from over the sierra de mijas, we were off to the coast and had to clean the car first as the tree we had parked under had leaked what looked like glue or latex all over it, thought it was the birds at first but nope its the sap from the trees horrible stuff that wouldnt even wash off, we will have to get some cleaner on it.

we went down to miramar on the edge of fuengirola, then to the `aki´ the do it yourself store at miramar parque for some wood, building on the terrace... then to a shoe shop for franco! then to el corte ingles... and a final stop off at the garden centre on the outskirts of alhaurín! phew was a real day out and about!

took pippa down the vets this morning she needs her front paws nails clipped, they are far too long and i dont want to risk doing them myself and going to far. we were too early so i think i will go again in the morning for her.

looks like the date of october 21st is still on for the return on the trocha market in coín on that sunday, no other venue in the mean time.

had our mercadona delivery yesterday, i will take a photo of him one day... ok! just feels a bit weird asking him to pose for me!

We are all masters of our own destinies.



JustMe said...

:-) I'm still waiting to see what a mercadona man looks like!!

JustMe said...

Oh, and.. Barry is your son, right? How wonderful that you've an upcoming visit with him! I'll pray for sun!