Wednesday, September 05, 2007

turns out the young lady from yesterday with the baby was only 14, a child herself really in terms of giving birth and motherhood... etc

and also yesterday two men died in alhaurín not of natural causes, one poor man on a building site was under the path of the big cement block that usually balances a crane, when it came hurtling down to earth, and another man in a motor bike accident...

now on a lighter note... i also meant to tell you something unbelievable... our post office has run out of stamps!!! yes a bit like a bank out of money, a post office with NO stamps... how can this be? we sell stamps in the shop, buy in the correo and sell on to people not wishing to spend a morning down there etc, just a small thing to make life easier, but we were refused the full amount early on in the week that seemed strange, but then on asking again... no we have none!

post can be franked and sent with no problem of course from there only... and with sundays papers coming two days late, what more could be wished for...

mi amiga is on her way back from canada now, her and her sons journey via england and then home to spain, she will back into work on friday! me when i journey from the states back here takes me about 2 or 3 days to recover from jet lag, although permantly living 9 hours ahead of myself (where i was born i mean!) as i do now could explain a lot of things indeed!

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Pia said...

Poor girl!
Thanks for your comments at my place Marian. Thanks for your friendship!