Monday, September 17, 2007

here is a picture of my friends grand daughter krystal on the seat of their land lords cart, it looks like a picture taken a hundred years ago apart from the car and red dress of the lady walking away doesnt it?

its a sight we see a lot of here in alhaurín or even the dry river bed on the way up to here from fuengirola, and yes you can still hear donkeys braying along with the hens clucking, and then there are the men going off to work early with a bag and a pick! although the latter are usually on either a very noisy moped or an even noisier worlds smallest tractor!

just done moms shopping for her... like my mercadona delivery she has her tesco back there in merry ol´england, thats what i used to do when i lived there, but it does seem strange still seeing whats on the shelves back there, for instance moms washing up liquid with lime and ginger! i asked her was she going to wash up with it or use if for a marinade!

it also shows everything she has ever bought in the shop, because she uses her tesco points card, so i can see if she had too many naughty foods... bless her, she doesnt have big brother watching her every move she has her daughter looking into her food shopping from another continent!

still warm here today, bit cloudy but been 33c/91.4f... and i know we shall soon be moaning about the cold i guess...

Each person is different and each one will reach God
by his or her own path.
`Certainty, choice and doubt´


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