Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The rain in spain falls at last in Alhaurín el grande

photos tony took when he was here in may last year, always a fantastic sight to be seen here in alhaurín of the may parade at night... we were standing on the wall of these steps and got caught...

we had no where to go and no means of escape and so stayed put and had these bands men playing right here where we were!


rained last night for a little while and this morning a little more, although on my way into town and back i didnt need my brolly, so we have at last had a little rain, it cleared the air a little but in work it felt just as warm.

i mistakenly wore a shirt today, not even short sleeved just capped sleeve, but was too hot, for some reason i saw rain and thought coooooooooool! bit of a throw back from living in england where rain means cool most of the time, and shade isnt just out of the sun but out of the heat too!

so now we may not need to water the plants today but they are filthy dirty all sploshed with reddy brown dirt, cars the same and of course all the paint work everywhere!

franco negotiated lots of bad drivers this morning going down the fuengirola road from here, we all know that when it rains after a long hot spell the roads are oily and greasy and far from safe, but as usual the people coming out of alhaurín drove just the same normal mad crazy way, over taking at every turn and bend and so passing my franco taking his time as he does, he came across them soon in pile ups all the way down the road! crashed into eachother and into the deep gullys by the side of the road, not helping was a truck that just couldnt get up the road on a certain famous bend, load to heavy road to steep with a bad camber and he couldnt make it, so overtaking cars coming up the road were overtaking on a blind right hand bend and... of course... meeting with the cars coming down at high speed!

police were there already and thanked franco for helping some of the drivers out of their cars, so serious injurys... today!

(still no stamps in the post office)

A task is only complete when the objective has been achieved.
The Alchemist



Pia said...

People are nuts! Just think if you were coming up the road? What could have happened then? I would have clobbered them as I helped them out of the car!

Marian said...

i know the times we say "if they crash after they have come past us, driving so crazy we wont be stopping..." but then we would wouldnt we of course. thing is the innocent drivers that die here every day because of them.

i think i will tell them my mate pia will sort them out if they dont slow down!