Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tivoli World

this view above was of the tower near the bp garage on the outskirts of alhaurín el grande this morning, it was about 10am and the clouds were low of the sierra de mijas... spooky isnt it!

we were on our way down to tivoli world in torremolinos, it was the start of the sunday rastro back there, the rides were quiet and we were amongst the first in when it opened at 11am... not as many stalls there as usual, but then it may take a few weeks before people know its back...

this photo i took from the restaurant we were having breakfast it... 9.70 € for two bocadillos! scandalous! would be half that price in our town! or even at the local garden centre... we´re not tourists you know! ¡vivimos aqui! humph!

while we were sitting here the rides started up very slowly, but still seemed like a ghostly funfair... couldnt see anyone working them, just moving slowly by themselves....

then... on our way home we stopped on in mijas pueblo, and here above is part of a small army of ants... see that large leaf the chap at the top is carrying upwards! amazing isnt it!

and of course true to form i have taken a photo of the cats there are always on the roof tiles of the library.. look! tres gatos negro... three black cats!

thursday night friday morning we had a terrific storm, about 4 or 5 hours of thunder lightening and rain, the storm must have covered a large area as the thunder was on top of us and also could be heard some miles away.... not many of us slept much that night.

then friday going into work i used my para aqua... brolly... for the first time, but still its warm, so i joined the league of locals with summer clothes and umbrella held high! the rain was intermitent, but the thunder and lightening continued, for about an hour before i left the house, there were flashes of white every five or ten minutes i thought it was me! then so many of the customers said about it in the shop i knew it was just a weird storm thing going on!

between 10 and 11 a big storm came back into town, but here in alhuarín we had only rain, well at least in the town, but not so far away in coín and down to the coast they had hail stones the size of golf balls, ruining cars and breaking trees and property.

a man died in jaen, (up and to the left from granada) he was outside gardening, the hail storm hit and so suddenly he had no time to get cover and was killed! also two people left their car, maybe thinking it safer, but although the damaged car was found... they are still missing...

Each moment spent searching
is also a moment spend finding.
The Alchemist


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