Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Puppys

more puppys in the shop... arent they so cute! `daddy´wanted to remain anonymous!

i had a shock in the shop today... no really... a shock from a piece of equipment... hurt like crazy and i went deaf for a while, really weird feeling and took a while for my heart beat to settle again, its normally so slow so when it beats fast makes my head swim...

after getting over the migrane i had for nearly two days over monday evening through tuesday, i now feel a bit dyslexic... actually had to ask franco the right word just now, couldnt get it right to write it down never mind spell it, so i think this better be short but sweet today as i am correcting more mistakes (than usual) than i am typing what i want to say! humph!

yesterday afternoon i took a book up on the terrace to catch some sun, just realised i am going to england in a little over a month and dont even have a sun tan!! cant be having that! the amount of people that comment on my lack of a tan when i am there... i know i know... pretty sad isnt it, but i got a little sun and it was nice now sitting up there, where we cannot go in july and august because its too hot, it was about 33 or so yesterday and very nice too, but today its been really humid again, and a few drops of rain early this morning that came to nothing... i expect its holding on for barry arrival here!

To attain his dream,
the warrior of light needs a strong will
and an enormous capacity for acceptance.
Manual of the Warrior of Light



JustMe said...

Oh my gosh, Marian, be careful!! I hope you're feeling better.

Marian said...

thank you, i am, was a very weird feeling i can tell you, not one to be repeated.

i better make sure i keep out of the way of the men in white coats... dont want that treatment again!!!