Sunday, October 21, 2007

here are a few photos from the feria at fuengirola last saturday, above is a cage like contraption, five seperate cages, people locked in from outside, and up it went....

this is it up at the top, it just went round and round one way, stopped and went round and round the other with the people hanging on inside for dear life!!

this the view looked down an aisle and up at the hanging decorations...

well... my honey is back from gales as of friday and barry is back to nottingham... really didnt think i would cry at the airport... and he went straight through after we lined up with him to check in, then he had hugged me and turned to walk away and my eyes were leaking.... oh heck!

and from then it would be only 36 hours before i will be back at malaga airport for my flight to luton, collecting my car around 3am, nice eh, short drive to st albans where i will have woken up tony to let me in!!!

yesterday we three went down to fuengirola, left home about 1030, stopped off in mijas for lunch on way home and was nearly five when we got home, pippa has been so naughty these last few days, she hates it when we're out and leave her at home, if only one of us is in and goes out she is fine!

thursday barry and i went to plaza major, an area full of restaurants really, there are a few shops, but if shopping is your thing this is not the place to go!

we had lunch in a mariachi restaurant, which was really good, had a little wander around and found the cinema there, they have regular movies and imax, absolutely fantastic, check out the site there...

we then went to the bajondillo area of torremolinos, i had to check out this web cam that is on my link there on the right... and yes there it was, although the chances of anyone actually having been there to see me would have been pretty far fetched!

so next time i am going there i will mention it!

i hope barry had a good time, we didnt really do much, just spent time together which is the important thing, i always feel i have to go here there and everywhere and keep everyone entertained, i know when mom is here we can do all the shopping stuff... and go see something in malaga which will be there for a short while...

rodin sculptures... amazing eh... mom will like to see these i know, i dont think barry would have especially impressed! i used to have 'the thinker' in a photo frame when i was a teenager... (ok, i know bizarre).

ok, too many links for one day, so, amigos, hasta luego, i will be in touch from england...

When we love,
it is not necessary to understand
what is happening outside,
because everything begins to happen inside us instead.
The Alchemist


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